Deliberate Actions

by nakedlvng

So, in general I am feeling much better than I did in my last post. But not great; so I am trying new things.

As the title of this post suggest, I am attempting to be much more deliberate in my everyday actions. I am trying to make conscious choices and actions about everything I do and in doing so I hope to improve my focus on whatever it is that I am doing at any one time.

For example; this morning as I was cleaning up after breakfast I felt the urge to run off and make my bed since I had not already done so, but instead of stopping one action to immediately jump to another just because I thought about it, I stayed where I was and finished cleaning and then I made my bed. Same goes for writing this post; unfortunately I had forgotten to turn off my email and all of a sudden I got a new message. Rather than switching over to take a look, I am going to finish this first.

I am also trying to adopt some new habits that are much more deliberate and slow in nature. Meditation, yoga, and keeping a journal are all things I am going to start and make habits out of. The meditation is in hopes that I will begin to clear my mind of so many distractions and learn to focus once again. The yoga is to continue to improve my health by adding a new type of exercise to my routine that will focus on different types of strength and improve my flexibility. The journal will be a daily personal exercise to assist me in finding patterns and triggers. The journal will not be anything I publish, it is simply for my own benefit.

These are first steps with only one goal in mind — being a better me.