A Week of Meals

by nakedlvng

I am trying to start a new habit; I am trying to put together my week’s menu in advance and do all of the shopping necessary for that week in as few trips as possible. I have never really approached it like this before even though it is a recommendation I have come across numerous times in articles and sites discussing health living and eating habits. I have also come across the ones that tell you to buy fresh everyday, so there are options to explore.

This time I am testing out the weekly method and I am going to pursue this for the next few weeks hopefully making it a habit.

My reasons for this are two-fold. One is money; my grocery bill is a lot higher than it should be. There are many reasons for this but it mainly stems from me buying the wrong things and then wasting them.  The other is to get back on top of my eating habits. I have really let my diet slide back into convenience foods and junk foods over the past few months. I have not gotten to a point where it has been detrimental to me, but I was not far off and I have worked too hard for too long to start backsliding now.

So on Sunday morning I browsed some of my favorite paleo recipe blogs and decided what I would eat this week. I put it all into a text document, created a shopping list organized by food type, hit the grocery store and the only thing I picked up from the aisles were canned tomatoes and some spices I was low on. The rest of my purchases were fruits, vegetables, and  fresh meat. I left the store with food for a week of dinners and lunches all for less that what I had been spending when just picking up odds and ends for the weekend.

This exercise is also getting me back into cooking again which I used to love doing but simply fell out of the habit. I am trying new recipes again and working on ones that I know I like.

I will likely follow this up with the meals themselves and recipes or links where applicable. I am also rating the meals and taking notes to know what I want to try again later and which items need work.