The Therapy of a Clean Home

by nakedlvng

This past weekend I partook in a little self induced therapy; I cleaned my house. I am not one to let my house get overly dirty or cluttered, but it is almost inevitable that during the day-to-day items do not get put away, or laundry accumulates, or chores are skipped with the intention of doing them later, but of course later never comes.

So I spent about three or four hours on Saturday moving from room to room cleaning up. Getting rid of clutter, cleaning floors, cleaning window sills, and on and on. And when I was done, I felt so much better.

I often find that I feel better after cleaning. Quite often the act itself gets me into a meditative state as I tend not to think too much and just focus on what is in front of me and the hours pass by.

Unfortunately all of that comes to and end. I have a clean house when complete and can feel better about my environment, but that detachment from the world quickly fades and I come back to reality.