Off Track

by nakedlvng

For some reason my efforts to change my lifestyle have fallen a bit to the wayside. Not entirely, but enough that I am disappointed in myself. So I am trying again.

I feel that one should always be willing to try again if you fail at something. It is an age-old notion, but I think it works. 99 times you may fail, but that 100th time may just be the one where you get it right.

So… how am I going to get back on track? Well for starters I have canceled my Netflix subscription… again. This time I plan on leaving it canceled. I have also removed some other content from my computer that was proving to be a distraction.

There are two main areas that I am going to focus on for the next few weeks; reading and eating. Reading because without an instant source of entertainment, I am going to need something to do in the evening. Eating is a little more complicated.

Lately my eating habits have been horrendous. I am not cooking very much and have fallen into the trap of convenience foods. I gave into a sweet tooth craving a few weeks ago as well and have not been able to break out of that cycle yet. Breakfast is not usually an issue for me, but lunch has been problematic and good dinners are sporadic. Today for example, I have nothing in the house that would serve as a good lunch and since I have been working again, lunch time is back to being a little more rushed than it was for a while. Now I have the option to take a longer lunch, and I am going to work on that, but I find that a quick lunch routine helps me to stay on track while working.

Overall I am have to say I am disappointed, but not defeated. Some of the lifestyle changes I have made are still holding and others are on the verge of breaking, but taking care now should resolve these issues.

I am also going to be updating this site more frequently even if no one ever reads it. I do find that I tend to have a good burst of motivation on the days where I consciously think about how I live and this is a part of that process.