Boredom and Moving On

by nakedlvng

I was taking stock of some bad habits that I have and in doing so I was looking at that the triggers were for each habit. What was really surprising is that almost all of them had an element of boredom associated with it. I did not realize I was that bored, but taking a more objective view on my life, I guess that I am.

But why? There is so much to do and see and here I am reinforcing bad habits because I cannot be bothered to do anything else. I waste hours on the internet or in front of the television because there is nothing else to keep my interest.

I am calling bullshit on that right now.

So I know one of the main factors that reinforces these bad habits and now I need to do something about it. But what will that be?

There are quite a few articles online about eliminating boredom and many of them have good suggestions for combating boredom. I have put together my own list of actions to take when I am feeling bored:

  • Meditate – Just take some time to stop everything and let me brain cool down a bit. Chances are I will discover that there is something else I need to be doing
  • Learn a Skill – There are lots of things I want to learn how to do; sewing, wood working, leather working, programming, gardening, etc. Instead of wasting time on the internet looking at funny photos of cats, start learning something
  • Clean Something – One bad habit is that I do not keep my house as clean as I would like, so when I am bored, clean the damn house.
  • Learn Something New – An offshoot of learning a new skill is just to learn something new. Science, math, history; there is a wide variety of topics to explore.
  • Exercise – Go for a walk or run; do some squats or push ups; do anything to get moving and naturally boost your energy level. It is good for you regardless and provides extra energy for doing something that matters.

Those are just a few actions that can be taken. There are plenty of other to add to this list and I may expand on this at a later date, but for now there really is no excuse to ever say “I’m bored.”