DIY Projects [part 1]

by nakedlvng

Yesterday I tackled as few DIY projects as something new to do. My choice was do make a few grooming products that should prove to be cheaper in the long run than buying their equivalent.

I actually started this last week by making my own deodorant and continued the trend by putting together a body scrub and a shave oil.

Shave Oil
The site I used for the recipe called it a shave cream, but when using it I thought of it more as a shave oil. Whatever the name, the results were nice. I got a very close shave without a lot of mess. No nicks or cuts and my skin was not irritated.

Shave Cream/Oil Recipe

Body Scrub
I am not a soap or body scrub person. I have actually spent the better part of two years only using soap minimally. Typically I just exfoliate with a loofah in the shower. My skin has been better since I started the practice including during the dry winter months. I rarely had issues with dryness. But I have found that sometimes an extra level of scrubbing is needed so I put together this body scrub from the same site as the Shave Oil. It was simple to make, smells great, works very well. This will not be an everyday item for me, but will certainly be a nice treat perhaps once a week or on those days I need something extra.

Body Scrub Recipe

This one was interesting to put together and use. This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant so sweating is still involved, but I feel that is healthier. When I put this together in a small batch I did not have any essential oils to add any sort of fragrance so it just seems to neutralize my natural smell. There may be a hit of coconut as coconut oil is one of the ingredients, but I do not think it is very strong. I have had not comments or complaints since I started using this. Hopefully that is because it is working and not friends and family just being nice.

Deodorant Recipe

There are other items I am going to be making over the next few weeks. I am looking at putting together my own clothes soap, furniture polish, bar soap, and other items that can easily replace the expensive store-bought items.