Privacy in the Suburbs

by nakedlvng

I live in a fairly densely packed suburban neighborhood made up of town homes and garden homes. I can stand at the side of my house, stretch out my arms and reach from my house to the privacy fence that separates me from my neighbors. In looking at other similar newer neighborhoods in my community, this is an abundance of space, but it is still too little for my liking.

I live in a garden home that has a privacy fence on three sides. Unfortunately the privacy part of that is pretty limited. It is better than nothing at all, but it is fairly easy to see what is going on in the neighbor’s yard without trying. My home is also located in a state with very low tolerance for nudity, although the specifics of the nudity laws are better than I would have thought. Still, there is a greater chance of a general citizen in this area to phone the police rather than ignore an activity the does not cause them harm in any way.

For the past few weeks I have been working to create a much more private environment for myself and am continuing to do so. The biggest change I have made so far was to augment the privacy fence with an extra layer of fencing. I was able to find a reed fencing that I can place over the surface of the privacy that practically eliminates the visibility into my yard and theirs while still allowing airflow.

I am still working on completing this project, but it has allowed me to begin to enjoy a yard that has been limited in usefulness for most of the time I have lived here. I am still respectful and mindful of my neighbors in an attempt not to offend anyone, but I is a great feeling to be able to sit outside and enjoy a morning cup of coffee in peace.

My goal is to add additional planting and landscaping to turn this into much more of a private oasis, truly cut off from the eyes of the world around me.