Cold Showers

by nakedlvng

Cold showers are pretty nice once you get used to them, especially on the warmer days. Add in air drying to reduce your temperature a bit and you can stay cool for quite some time. I have started this practice this past week as part of an experiment and so far I am enjoying some of the side benefits.

The main reason for this change is to start winding down on energy use and consumption. Power and water being two areas where I can make some simple changes that will hopefully have an impact overall. I am taking quick, cold showers and turning off the water between phases; get wet, water off, scrub, water on to rinse. Max time with water on… maybe two minutes. I will need to start timing so I can get an idea on water consumption as well since I should be able to gauge water flow per minute.

Air drying means fewer towels to wash later and as I said, it really reduces your temperature so you stay cool longer which is important as I have been adjusting my AC to not turn on until the temperature is much warmer than where I had been running it. Previously I had been keeping it set between 78 and 81 degrees. I currently have it set to 84 and there is a noticeable difference in those few degrees, but is also means I am running it much less throughout the day, and if I can stand it I may let it get even warmer.

Of course the easiest way to stay cool while the house is warmer is to remove one’s clothes. Since this experiment started, if I am at home, I am nude. This is not really a big change for me, just a step up so that essentially I am a full-time home nudist where as before, it was just most of the time.

Airflow and the afternoon sun seems the be the biggest two issues when keeping my house cool. There is not a good way for me to keep air flowing through the house. The position of the house and layout of the neighborhood are the problem. There is a strong breeze that can run through the neighborhood at times, so much so that it destroyed a shade structure I had set up, but it runs perpendicular to my windows, so across the front and back, but not through.

I also have practically no shade at the back of my house to limit the afternoon sunlight. I have plans to put up a pergola where I can introduce some plantings to help, but that may not be something I can tackle until later this summer or in the fall due to budget constraints.

Additionally the layout within the house prevents airflow as well and while I can move some items around, the main culprit is my kitchen counter that pretty well cuts off air currents.

But I do alright otherwise. The only time is really becomes frustrating is when the humidity is very high so I am going to have to look at ways of dealing with that, especially as warmer and more humid months are on their way.